Australia's mental health system is drowning...

Registered counsellors are the life raft.

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The National Regional Check In

Every Australian deserves access to mental healthcare
- but sadly, that’s not the reality for everyone.

Our new report, Australia's Hidden Health Crisis - The National Regional Check In, sheds light on the mental health challenges for rural and regional Australians.

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Counsellors care, do you?

Registered counsellors are the life raft for our drowning mental health system. The time to act is now, to combat the limit of resources and support to help struggling Australians.

Join us to bring attention to an issue that has a ready-to-go solution.

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What is Counselling?

Counselling involves a safe and confidential collaboration between qualified practitioners and clients to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self-understanding, and resolve identified concerns.

Counselling provides consumers who would not typically benefit from standard treatment options provided by their general practitioner or psychiatrist, access to cost-effective complementary psychological interventions, which are responsive to the consumer's mental health needs.

  • Prevents mental illness
  • Promotes health & wellbeing
  • Provides psychotherapeutic interventions
    for psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, ante and post-natal depression
  • Supports people with life's challenges such as relationship difficulties, family violence, chronic illness, disability, bereavement, bullying, discrimination, homelessness, sexual assault and natural disasters
utilising a highly skilled workforce

Who are Registered Counsellors?

Registered counsellors are trained allied health professionals working in a variety of settings, from low needs such as early intervention services through to moderate and high needs in primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Registered counsellors work with other Allied Health Professions to deliver psychological interventions in clinical settings, and within broader service stepped care environments, to provide consumers with a choice of high-quality, evidence-based person-centred psychological interventions that are responsive to the needs of consumers and the broader health system.